Principles of Meaningful Gamification

There are different forms of gamification. Sebastien Didering has a great YouTube video all of the different forms:  Sebastien Diderding's principles for meaningful gamification.  In my new RPG choose your own adventure course, I employ a Four-Square Blueprint form of gamification:  (1) Activities or Tasks = Assignments in the form of Learning Quests, Side Quests and Gathering Skills; (2) Points […]

Press Release about RPG Choose Own Adventure Course

York University issued a press release and Y-File story about my new RPG Choose Your Own Adventure course that starts on this Monday. This course was and is a constant collaborative creative process.

Students hit "Play" on RPG course before first class

I am putting the final touches on my critical thinking, role playing game, choose your own adventure course (five years in the making) that begins on this Monday, May 9th. I am alien from the planet Propagandus. My students are Resistance Rebels. Together we are saving the world from brainwashing aliens. Students earn Experience Points, […]