Cael Cohen

Innovation ▪ Ethic of Care

Gamification ▪ Enactive eLearning

Our technologies, modes of learning, and forms of education, involve much more than individual selves taking action or people interacting. The most effective and cutting-edge education is enactive, ecological and emergent teaching and learning. Educational pioneers realize that to promote deep learning and educate for social change, eLearning must be: infinitely engaging; allow students to customize their learning experience; learn-on-the-go on phones, tablets and laptops; and enable learners to be skilled critical thinkers and better people.

Welcome! I'm Cael Cohen (formerly "Cael Diane Zorn), award winning university educator, eLearning expert, philosopher, educational researcher, passionate storyteller, and birder.  I design and teach dynamic, interactive, engaging undergraduate courses using: gamification, bring your own device technologies, rich media, advanced internet technologies, podcasting, social media, Moodle, Camtasia and video streaming. My courses promote deep learning and educate for social change while helping students and life-long learners become better critical thinkers, undergo their own personal growth, customize their learning experience and learn on-the-go, in blended, fully online, and in-person, learning environments.